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Legal Aspects in Interviewing

Many interviewers unknowingly violate candidatesí rights everyday with an unstructured interview process.  Of course this isnít intentional, but when a discrimination law suit is brought up as a result, the judge doesnít care whether it was intentional or not. 

What happens a lot times is Joe Worker started working at XYZ Nut Grinding Company when he was 18.  As time went on, Joe did his job well and was promoted several times.

As a result Joe is now a manager and is now handling job interviews for his department.

He is one of the first impressions that job candidates have of XYZ Nut Grinding Company.  Since Joe Worker has worked there he has done very little outside of his immediate department, and doesnít know the first thing about interviewing, not to mention what is legally right, and wrong.  This is especially important when interviewing a member of a protected class.

If you donít know what a protected class is, this may be the class for you!


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