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Diversity Training

When it comes to different ethnic backgrounds, age groups, and genders, conflict can arise.  It can be for many reasons like presumption, assumption, and just lack of knowledge to name a few.  The following are the different diversity facilitations that we offer.

  1. Designing Diversity Training that works:  Diversity councils are pushing for training, but a lot of them don't necessarily know their company's current business practices, or their company's organizational culture.  As a result they do not know which specific goals or objectives are necessary to successfully launch a diversity initiative, and therefore lose steam down the line without finding resources through diversity.  This causes lost opportunities to find innovative ways to increase revenue through diversity.

  2. Managing Four different generations in the workplace:  For the first time in history there are four different generations working together in the workplace, Baby Boomers, Matures, Gen. X, and the newly introduced Gen Y.  With reports of increasing longevity, and declining fertility, employers want to know how to manage and keep good employees regardless of what age they are.

  3. Introduction to Cultural Diversity:  At this point in time, almost every area of life- work time, leisure time, school, and even family leads to communication with others that have cultural differences from your own.  Different cultures perceive situations differently.  This should be taken into consideration at the work place.

  4. Global Diversity Training: An in depth study of different countries’ business practices, norms, and values.

  5. Customized Diversity Training:  At times a specific diversity workshop has to be developed depending on the company’s goals, missions and values.  Customized diversity training is designed specifically for you and the individual situation that you may be facing.  Afful Consulting has researchers on hand to review your individual situation, and research any and all information that would pertain to that situation.  At that point the lead consultant would develop a customized diversity facilitation in conjunction with the company’s delegated official.  This facilitation would be tailor made to benefit who matters most.  You! 

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